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Helping employers

HAVi offers employers a choice of solutions that are simple, effective, affordable and proven to work, whether it be on site, the shop floor, or offshore. In fact anywhere where there is a risk of operators contracting HAVS through the use of vibrating equipment.

We’ll help you achieve full HSE compliance by giving you the right tools to conduct professional risk assessments and then take action to eliminate and reduce the risk of HAVS. Products and services that extend to ongoing risk management through information instruction and health surveillance.

HAVi is just as skilled working with employees as employers when it comes to raising awareness in HAVS  and helping control and manage effectively any risk in the workplace. With litigation costs rising if problems occur, its an issue nobody can afford to ignore.

The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 requires employees be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HAVS so they take more ownership of the risk management and control of the issue. Employers must ensure information on good practice is available to employees at all times.ing risk management through information instruction and health surveillance.

(training is facilitated by Training for Hire Limited)

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