Training Recommendations

We recommend that a selected individual attend one of the "HAVi" IOSH accredited, "HAVS Management Essentials" courses. At this risk level, we also feel that it is worth considering the HAVi "Train the Trainer" courses. Click here for details of our 2 day courses.

From £325.00

Consultancy Recommendations

Telephone support is available 9-5 from Monday to Friday and TheToolAdvisor is always at your disposal. A day's consultancy is advised at this level to ascertain accurate tool vibration values and advise on relevant risk assessments.

From £350.00

Product Recommendations

High risk level, but a small workforce? You are effectively covered with HAVi Watch Manager Pack (HMW01) RRP £ 356.00. If your workforce expands we are there to help you decide the best way forward and also to ensure compliance.

From £361.00

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ToolAdvisor Twitter HAVi Tool Advisor is a resource for all businesses, who want to be sure that they are benefiting from the latest, most pertinent and independently generated data available anywhere. HAVs The Issue Explained Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is caused when the vibration generated by tools and machinery is transmitted to the hands and arms of regular equipment users. It often occurs when operating electric, air, hydraulic, diesel and petrol-powered tools and equipment on a regular basis.

Exposure to hand-arm vibration can lead to long term health problems and excessive and prolonged exposure can be the cause of a range debilitating conditions that are jointly termed ‘Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome’ or HAVS.
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