HAVi Watch

Using the latest technology the HAVi Watch is paired to a HAVi Plus (Radio) it then receives and records all data being measured, it is quick and easy-to-use.

The features and benefits are:

  • Vibration and flashing warning signals with the option for personalised exposure levels.
  • It can be worn in whatever fashion best suits the job
  • Induction Charging, no exposed connectors (fully sealed design) 
  • No docking stations required 
  • works can continue without interruption 
  • operators can work autonomously for extended periods 
  • Delivers key notifications to end users (e.g. Health Surveillance Appointments) 
  • Multi Screen displays offer a broad spectrum of information 
  • Data is stored and downloaded when required / convenient via Bluetooth 
  • The HAVi Watch can be used in the toughest environments 
  • Backlit screen for dim light or night time working 
  • the watch measures only the trigger time of the tool 
  • The HAVi Watch is the only device to incorporate these diverse features
New Product
Fully Automated Exposure Data Recording
and Uploading to HAVi-Total.
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