What is HAVi
Smart Watch Technology with Bluetooth Connectivity.
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Fully Automated Exposure Data Recording
and Uploading to HAVi-Total.
Fully Automated Exposure Data Recording
and Uploading to HAVi-Total.
HAVi have emerged as the leading supplier of equipment and services to measure, control and manage risk and exposure to HAV. To maintain our position at the forefront of the market for businesses and organisations large and small, we have had to continually review our ongoing products and services.

We know categorically that the HAVi Watch has taken risk control to the next level and has become the new standard against which other systems are compared.

Continually learning from our experience has enabled us to evolve confidently and give our clients the reassurance that comes from real, hands-on insight.
The HAVi Watch is the most technologically
advanced aid making HAV risk management
simple for tool operators, site supervisors
and management. Simple to use, versatile
and accurate - it will make everybody’s job
easier and more straightforward.
That's the HAVi Promise
The HAVi Watch at Work

1. Collection

The operator knows that a HAVi Watch is to be used on a specific task. It is picked up and tested to make sure that it is able to synchronise with every tool that is to be used on the task. All the relevant details, instructions, reminders and other pertinent
information will be available to the operator via the HAVi Watch. The watch is checked out to the operator.

2. Protection

The watch is then synchronised to the tool. The operator presses the button on the side and holds it close to the HAVi meter fixed onto the tool. When fully synchronised the operator wears / uses the watch in whatever fashion is best suited to tackling the job. They are now ready to safely commence work, regardless of layers of PPE, the watch will be fully functional.

3. Continuity / Versatility

When the first job is completed and another tool is required, the operator simply synchronises the watch again and is ready to continue. It knows that the HSE points it is counting are to be allocated to the same user and the work can continue with the minimum of fuss and no wasted time.

4. Management

At the end of the day or at the end of several days (whichever is most convenient) the data collected by the watch can be transferred to a mobile device via Bluetooth. At the discretion of the user, this data can then be securely hosted using cloud technology. (HAVi-Total)

5. Assessment and Analysis

Producing reports, is made easy, as is the analysis of the data. Whether hard copies, automated emails or simply viewing online is required, exposure data for tools, individuals or general trends for the project as a whole can be generated in clear, lucid, detail.

These reports can extend to encompass improvements in how project schedules are drawn up and how tool selections are decided in future operations.

The Multi Screen Watch
Delivers the HAVi Promise

The Multi Screen Watch  Delivers the HAVi Promise

  1. Vibration and flashing warnings with the option for personalisation levels
  2. It can be worn in whatever fashion best suits the job
  3. Induction charging, no exposed connectors (fully sealed design)
  4. No docking stations required
  5. Works can continue without interruption
  6. Operators can work autonomously for extended periods
  7. Delivers key notifications to end users (e.g. Health Surveillance Appointments)
  8. Multi screen displays offer a broad spectrum of information
  9. Data is stored and downloaded when required convenient via Bluetooth
  10. The HAVi Watch can be used in the toughest environments
  11. Backlit screen for dim light or night time working
  12. The watch measures only the trigger time of the tool
  13. The HAVi Watch is the only device to incorporate all these diverse features
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